For the truth about sugar....Suckered tracks the stealthy infiltration of one of America’s greatest threats, a silent killer 10,000 years in the making — sugar. From Napoleon to Fidel Castro, sugar’s role in transforming societies and defining national boundaries is explored and reveals the shocking truth of how sugar has come to saturate our diets. Dr. Eisenberg unveils this addictive toxin’s ability to wreak havoc on our biological systems, from diabetes to cancer, heart disease to dementia, hypertension to obesity, and more. With a plan for the future to empower personal and nationwide change, Suckered provides insight into combatting the nation’s biggest addiction.

This book is the result of over a year of dedicated and diligent research work and consultations to discover the deadly truth about how sugar works in our bodies. With cutting edge science and new theories of the damaging properties of sugar, you can expect to become an advocate for a sugar-free life. By tracing the history of sugar back tens of thousands of years, it becomes clear how we've all been so blind to the stronghold it has gradually placed us in.