In Sugar Versus Syrup Fight, Both Sweeteners Face Bitter Reality

From Bloomberg Business:

After years of bickering, U.S. sugar companies and their rivals, the makers of high-fructose corn syrup, are going to trial over what exactly constitutes a “natural” sweetener. Big Sugar argues high-fructose corn syrup doesn’t qualify. Big Syrup, predictably, disagrees.

This news is directly relevant to Chapter 5, “A Growing Problem”, which additionally discusses the history of Big Corn Syrup vs. Big Sugar, and describes how our society has reached this point.

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A 20% Sugar Tax?

A new study by the British Medical Association has proposed a 20% tax on sugary products to subsidize fruit and vegetable production in an effort to combat the obesity epidemic.

The study takes a look at why the UK is becoming more obese, and stresses the importance of education early on in childhood about healthy dietary choices.

To download the entire study from the BMA in a .PDF format, click here.