Domino Effect

"We know poor nutrition leads to diabetes, to obesity, to heart disease, but what about behavioral problems? Research shows that attitude problems in children and teenagers may originate, in no small part, from poor nutrition. Attitude and motivation, aggression and violence in some cases are directly tied to nutritional deficiencies common in what are termed “food insecure” (households that don’t have access to affordable nutritious food).

Research shows that over time, these deficiencies can reduce people’s ability to control how they deal with conflict and stress. Deficiencies can also limit brain development and, in turn, children’s ability to learn.

'Poor nutrition can be a behavioral health issue, particularly in children where its effects are most keenly felt,' explains Jeffrey Eisenberg M.D., a pediatrician at Fairport Pediatrics. For infants, inadequate nutrition can stunt growth and motor development, he says. Babies fail to thrive."...

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